Benny’s Stores were part of the culture of southeastern New England from 1924 until their closure in 2017.  Benjamin Bromberg opened the first store in Providence on November 1924.  What followed is a great legacy made of hard work, a sense of family and a little magic.

32 Benny’s Stores would be part of southeastern New England’s fabric and landscape. The footprint extended from western Connecticut through all of Rhode Island to Southeastern Massachusetts.  Today there are plans to develop the former Benny’s store sites into new businesses.

Though the Benny’s retail stores are no more, you can still recall your fond memories of visiting Benny’s with

How did VintageBenny’s come to be?   Our family attended the most recent 4th of July celebration in Bristol, RI.   We wore our Benny’s hats purchased at the Bristol store long before it closed. There were many offers to buy the hats outright.  But it did give us the idea to bring back the Benny’s name and share it with you.

As we talked about this project with people, we heard so many fond memories. “Oh, I miss Benny’s!”.  That was the phrase we heard most often.   And other fond memories,  Among the other stories: 

“I remember the smell of new bikes when I first walked in!”

 “I got my first bicycle at Benny’s” 

“That’s where I went for all of my Christmas lights.”  

“It was the quick stop before I went fishing!” 

“Sometimes I didn’t even know what I needed until I went to Benny’s and I never left the store with nothing!”

Perhaps you have a Benny’s story?  Share it with us!  Your story may inspire us to offer a new product.  

We’re blessed to have the support of the Benny’s family on this effort and we thank them.

Happy Shopping!